You are currently viewing InnopRo – Innovation Pathways Romania, towards twin transition<br> The role of the European Digital Innovation Hub – WEH <br>16-17 November 2023, Sinaia – Romania, International Hotel

InnopRo – Innovation Pathways Romania, towards twin transition
The role of the European Digital Innovation Hub – WEH
16-17 November 2023, Sinaia – Romania, International Hotel

Wallachia eHUB (WEH) is a Romanian Digital Innovation Hub with the mission to become a consolidated gateway (one-stop-shop) in providing digital services and solutions contributing to the twin transition of private sector companies, especially SMEs, small mid-caps, and of public sector organizations by conducting its specialized activities in the Region of South-Muntenia (RSM). Our vision is to act as the main gateway in the region towards digitalization and provide integrated services for SMEs and public entities to achieve green is targeting audience form en digital transformation through interoperability and development in digital skills and solutions. It has been created by Wallachia Cluster Consortium in 2019 and since then became an important regional innovation ecosystem which got recognition and support from the European Commission.

The second edition of the summit is targeting business and authorities’ audience, both regional, national and international in order to build capacity and access to solutions for innovative organizations towards green and digital transition. Our event is addressed to organizations willing to benefit from our services and committed to identify best transition pathways. The consortium member will present their solutions based on services as pe the annex, and organizations with specific sectorial profile may present their needs. Our ecosystem has already clients registered benefiting from our services and new participants will be welcomed to join in the program, co-financed by EU.

Participants will benefit as well for a special networking B2B session, organized jointly by WEH and EEN (European Enterprise Network).

As Innopro is targeting innovation through co-creation, we are opening up the space for your contribution and inviting our members and partner organisations to send us their intention to participate at the Summit by May 31, 2023 by filling out this form ( for further communication.