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The special quality of milk and meat from grass fed ruminants

For the first Agroecology-TRANSECT webinar, we are delighted to welcome Dr. Florian Leiber to talk to us about the special quality of dairy and meat products from grazing ruminant systems.

Dr. Leiber is an expert in animal nutrition and is currently co-head of the Department of Livestock Sciences, and the co-leader of the Animal Nutrition Group at FiBL Switzerland. His research area for many years was the grassland-based nutrition of ruminants, and is, by topography, a very relevant issue in Swiss agriculture in general.

Claims about health benefits of certain foods are seemingly everywhere. Dr. Leiber’s presentation sheds light on claims about the health benefits of grass-fed milk and meat, and is interesting for consumers and farmers alike. He bases his talk on the relation between botanical diversity, biochemical diversity of the feed and the resulting value for animal and human health.

A one-health idea may emerge if we look into the multifunctional effects of animal-feed interactions in grazing ruminants.

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