Student Entrepreneurial Society (S.E.S) – a structure without legal personality within the Spiru Haret University, is organized and operates on the basis of the Order of the Minister of National Education no. 3262 / 16.02.2017 and the Regulation for the Organization and Functioning of the Student Entrepreneurial Society, approved at the Senate meeting of the Spiru Haret University by the decision no. 85 / 16.5.2017.

S.E.S. is a mechanism for supporting, developing and encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit of students and graduates of higher education in order to increase the university’s competitiveness.

S.E.S activity is addressed to:

·        Students of Spiru Haret University, regardless of the study program they attend and the  form of education, including students coming to study through mobility programs;

·        Graduates of Spiru Haret University, in the first 3 years since graduation.

The main tasks of S.E.S. are:

a)      the elaboration of materials meant to inform and guide students in the development of business plans and/or financing projects, referring to the fact that the ability of the university education system to produce in the medium term the competencies demanded by the socio-economic environment is constantly changing;

b)      organizing mentoring for students who want to establish a start – up;

c)      encouraging mentor-student collaboration in order to consolidate and develop elements of entrepreneurial skills needed for future graduates in higher education;

d)      organizing start-up projects, business ideas, etc., with the purpose of selecting proposals to be submitted to the executive board for review and feedback;

e)      organizing competitions to attract funding for the best projects;

f)        coordinating the activities of all business incubators, simulated enterprises and other entrepreneurial entities within the university.