USH Pro Business coordinates the activity of the Student Entrepreneurial Society (S.E.S) – a structure without legal personality within SPIRU HARET University.

S.E.S. is a mechanism to support, develop and encourage the entrepreneurial spirit of students and graduates of higher education, in order to increase the competitiveness of the university.

In the activities dedicated to entrepreneurship for students of Spiru Haret University, USH Pro Business supported and encouraged their professional development through activities such as:

  • organization of national events with the role of knowledge transfer (connection, information, exchange of experience);
  • promoting the Student Entrepreneurship Society (S.E.S);
  • co-organization of competitions for students;
  • concluding strategic partnerships with representatives of the business environment whose objective was to develop a support mechanism for students / masters / doctoral students in order to transition from the education system to the labor market through entrepreneurship.
  • periodically sending information to the attention of students, graduates and young entrepreneurs of the university, to participate in the activities organized by USH Pro Business, on the Facebook page of the Student Entrepreneurial Society of Spiru Haret University as and that of the USH Pro Business Center

S.E.S. Reports:

Activități S.A.S. 2021

Activități S.A.S. 2020

Activități S.A.S. 2018-2019

Activități S.A.S. 2016-2017