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The forthcoming European partnership on agroecology has pre-announced its first call for 2024

The CORE Organic Pleiades network, TP Organics, IFOAM Organics Europe, and OrganicTargets4EU welcome the pre-announcement of the first partnership on agroecology call which acknowledges the importance of organics. Ivana Trkulja (CORE Organic Coordinator, ICROFS) states “This is an important achievement and a great possibility that organic research and innovation is funded under Horizon Europe programme”.

The new Horizon Europe partnership on agroecology that is envisaged to officially start in January 2024, subject to the successful negotiation with the European Commission, has pre-announced its upcoming joint call for European research projects.

The preliminary call topic is “Fostering agroecology at farm and landscape levels” with an objective to fund transdisciplinary research and innovation projects addressing the agroecology transition of both conventional and organic farming systems.

Please find more details in the pre-announcement including call scope, timeline, and who can apply. The information is free to be shared, and the final call announcement will be published in early 2024 on the European Commission funding portal.

About the partnership on agroecology
European R&I partnership on agroecology living labs and research infrastructures (Accelerating farming systems transition: agroecology living labs and research infrastructures) anticipates to team-up and unlock the transition to agroecology so that farming systems are resilient, productive, and prosperous, place-sensitive, as well as climate, environment, ecosystem, biodiversity and people-friendly by 2050. Currently, 70 partners from 26 countries and regions are part of this vision coordinated by Nicolas Tinois from the Project Management Juelich, Germany. For further reading, please do also check the partnership Agroecology Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda.

About the CORE Organic Pleiades network
Supported by the Horizon Europe OrganicTargets4EU, the international CORE Organic Pleiades network supports transnational research and innovation in the area of organic food and farming. Within the OrganicTargets4EU project, the network focuses on increasing R&I funding to support the European Green Deal targets for organic food, farming, and aquaculture. The network also serves as a platform for policy exchange and supports network partners in the preparation of new Horizon Europe funding instruments relevant to organics.