You are currently viewing EUROPEAN DAY OF ECOLOGICAL PRODUCTS – 23 September 2022, 11.30 am

EUROPEAN DAY OF ECOLOGICAL PRODUCTS – 23 September 2022, 11.30 am

We invite you, on September 23, to celebrate together organic production, a type of sustainable agriculture through which food production is carried out in harmony with nature, biodiversity and animal welfare. We see the celebration of this day as an excellent opportunity to raise public awareness of organic production and promote the key role it plays in the transition to sustainable food systems.

Organic production brings a number of important benefits: organically cultivated fields have around 30% more biodiversity, organically raised animals enjoy a higher degree of welfare and require fewer antibiotics, organic farmers have higher incomes and are more resilient, and consumers know exactly what they are getting!

The Inter-Bio Association celebrates the European Day of Organic Products by organizing an exhibition with organic products, thus, through your participation and involvement, we will support together:

  • Stimulating and promoting the consumption of ecological products
  • Increasing organic production
  • Further improving the sustainability of the sector
  • Information and communication about organic production
  • Increasing the share of organic farming, which will help strengthen shorter supply chains and provide additional opportunities for small farms

We invite organic operators, regional, national or local actors to join us to make this day a success in celebrating the movement and showing the success of organic farming to regenerate European agriculture and to reconcile agriculture with nature!

European Green Day is the ideal opportunity to take stock of how Europe is achieving its target of 25% organic land under organic management by 2030, trends in consumer demand, organic awareness in the supply chain and the implementation of the EU Green Action Plan .

The Inter-Bio Association invites you to display products for tasting/promotional materials at the exhibition. For confirmations or additional information, you can contact us by email until September 22, 2022.

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