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Bio Danubius plays a significant part at Delta and Wetlands conference

Bio Danubius partners USH Pro Business recently participated in the 30th annual international scientific conference, Delta and Wetlands. The event took place in Tulcea, Romania, from 5-9 June and was organised by the Prefect’s Institution – Tulcea County, in partnership with The Danube Delta National Research and Development Institute (INCDD).

USH Pro Business presented the theme „Bio Danubius as a pathway to new agroecology practices in the wetlands”, part of a broader session „Restore our Ocean and Waters – EcoDaLLI project in the Danube and Black Sea Lighthouse”.

During the presentation, a history of Bio Danubius was described. Associated Professor and project facilitator Dr Costin Lianu said, “The audience appreciated how we have identified practices and indicators for agroecology in the wetlands for plain fields crops”.

He continued, “Interest from experts and local authorities has arisen as a result of farmers’ ambitions to apply a voluntary certification scheme based on a Romanian original standard SR 13595 on agroecology. We were pleased that experts in another EU Horizon Europe project EcoDaLLi approached us and invited us to present our experience”.

During a separate interactive session, it became clear that Bio Danubius had attracted interest as being a way to achieve a better understanding of the role of agroecological practices in restoring wetlands.

The role of new practices in agroecology for a blue strategy in the region related to water and soil management were also highlighted.