From a university perspective, the USH Pro Business Center is a pro-market facilitator, in the transition from school to active life, from university education to the labor market of students and graduates.

Through programs developed for students (information programs, career counseling, university-business partnerships, volunteering), USH Pro Business offers students innovative practical experience to potential employers, ensuring the formation of key competencies required on the labor market , through a pro - market, integrated approach.

The pro-market activities of the USH Pro Business Center aim to improve student insertion into the labor market, giving them the opportunity to effectively participate in current USH Pro Business Partners activities and to accumulate during their professional training, experience, direct involvement, development of technical skills and of practical working skills.


Depending on the objectives of the study, we mix the methodologies and develop tools to deliver an appropriate research solution.

We conduct the whole research as an exchange of information between our center, the research environment and the beneficiary of the study. Thus, we model together the questions, delimitations and explanations that the market study must achieve and identify.

Taking into account all these aspects, we also keep in mind constantly our constant concern about both the speed of the actions and their real time adaptation to the needs and constraints of the client.

With this service, we either respond to business requests or capitalize on existing research. We have successfully researched and materialized studies on topical issues such as "exploitation of wood from the state forests ", "entrepreneurial perceptions on internationalization processes" or "entrepreneurial perceptions and trends among students".

Our research has an applied character, including business solutions as well as a potential partnership.


Under the slogan "Meet the markets" we organize events for companies, clusters and associations interested in developing business on international markets.

Within this kind of meetings, we focus on a limited number of companies with export and internationalization potential, which we put in touch with well-listed consultants on the market, able to offer expertise, market access and useful contacts to importers, distributors or other marketing channels on the markets.

This kind of meetings take place periodically at our headquarters and takes place in the form of a general presentation of the consultant's services, followed by individual discussions of about 30 minutes with each participant, in conditions of confidentiality with the rest of the participants.

As a rule, we focus on a meeting on a limited number of domains depending on your interest.
Making things together implies getting involved in bringing companies to the international markets. The "Meet the markets" section already sets our experience in bringing markets closer to those who want to understand and conquer them.


The EU Strategy for the Danube Region is the most important macro-regional strategy Romania is part of. The governance of this strategy is ensured through a network of national and regional institutions.

There are also coordination mechanisms in the 11 priority areas of the strategy to allow for highlighting relevant regional projects that are subsequently funded.

USH Pro Business is part of this process and provides consulting and training services for public or private entities that want to promote their own projects in this strategy.