A business event is an important moment for us to communicate the elements that define us: quality, prestige, care for detail, respect for customers.

Why Choose USH Pro Business?

  • Because you work with a dedicated team, present throughout the event, from conceiving, preparing, setting-up the hall and materials, logistics, speaker and to the end of it;
  • Because we are pro business, we offer integrated services in the organization of business events and professional associations in various fields that regularly organize business or informative events;
  • Because on such occasions you need a partner who shares and transmits experience and value and a suitable space, a discrete location, distinguished in the Zero area of Bucharest, excellent for business development discussions both in plenary and B2B;
  • Because we have expertise in matchmaking events both between firms, between firms and academic backgrounds, having a unique position of access to information and expertise.
We pride ourselves on a portfolio of over ... xxx ... .. events dedicated to the entrepreneurial environment such as seminars, training courses and training, training, personalized workshops, appropriate to the character and level of quality agreed with each client.


Because we want to maintain a high profile in the event organizing market, we are constantly connected to market trends, which makes us pride on conference topics organized in partnership:

  • development of the Danube Delta region, in a new paradigm of bioeconomy/ Tulcea, Bucharest;
  • the development of bio-economy and biotechnology in the Prahova Valley area / Breaza;
  • definition of strategic projects in the Danube macro-region / Tulcea , Bucharest;
  • Clusters, vectors for the development of value-added chains in Europe / Bucharest.


Through our workshops, we brought to the audience themes from a wide range of fields such as the furniture industry, the agro-food industry, the energy sector, human health, the textile industry, promotion on the Indonesian market, accessing European funds as well as themes on promoting business innovation, information technology, the development of entrepreneurial skills and implicitly their development in entrepreneurial careers.

We provide information as easy as possible, and together with our customers, we have a preliminary analysis to see the specific need for information, techniques, strategies or tools the company would need.

We offer advice throughout the project implementation, until we make sure that those concepts were well assimilated and implemented.


  • The seminars are organized in partnership with Professional Associations, with the support of state institutions and personalities from the fields;
  • We are addressing the categories of middle and top management;
  • We bring together decision-makers, market leaders and specialists;
  • We approach themes from key sectors of the economy;
  • We are debating the news, issues and trends in the field.


We emphasize applicability by ensuring that all the information provided by our training programs also has a practical side, helping companies to grow their businesses through the development of their own staff and also in achieving their goals.

We are characterized by great flexibility both in building events, adapting to the needs of our customers, and later on during the consultancy in which we adapt to the needs of our clients.


Through Economic Missions we offer export promotion services to companies that want to develop their activity in the country and abroad.

  • We have the opportunity to visit the biggest international fairs and exhibitions, with most exhibitors and visitors, on all continents;
  • We can establish, through our international connections, business meetings with the companies you want;
  • Business opportunities, which we identified as a result of business missions, can drive your business to grow internationally.