We have an extremely valuable resource, students, to whom they offer complementary studies both elements of entrepreneurial culture and specific orientation towards business opportunities. Connect them with business, we see towards applied research, making finding them jobs and opening his own business.

USH Pro Business coordinates the activity of STUDENT ENTREPRENEURIAL SOCIETY (S.A.S)-  unincorporated structure of Spiru Haret University. S.A.S. represents a mechanism for support, development and encouragement of the entrepreneurship of students and graduates of higher education, in order to increase the competitiveness of the University. 

S.A.S. activity addresses to:

  • Spiru Haret University students, regardless of their program of study that they're attending regardless of the form of education, including students come from studies of mobility programs;
  • Spiru Haret University graduates in the first three years after graduation.


USH Pro Business is preoccupied with programs and projects for the development of  entrepreneurial competencies of persons aged over 18 who want to develop  independent  activityWe are open to partnerships aiming at the development of startups and the development of viable business plans.


USH Pro Business  develops solutions to support SMEs, helps them rethink their problems, strategies and activities through industry-specific approaches, anticipates instead of reacting to events, becoming performers and gaining competitive advantages on the local market , regional, national or international.

  • consultancy services for business financing activities, identifying and offering financing solutions from European and national funds, but also from other sources;
  • Strategic and operational marketing solutions to improve strategies and reduce the risks faced by companies in permanently changing markets by analyzing the environment (satisfaction surveys, documentation studies, benchmarking, field research, desk research) in areas : services, industry, construction, renewable energies, key areas funded by European funds at local, national and international level;
  • organizing events and conferences to develop business on national and international markets;
  • consulting services in various fields, including for the formation and development of associations and clusters;
  • specialized support and support services in the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (SUERD).