Student Entrepreneurship Society

Student Entrepreneurial Society (S.E.S) - a structure without legal personality within the Spiru Haret University, is organized and operates on the basis of the Order of the Minister of National Education no. 3262 / 16.02.2017 and the Regulation for the Organization and Functioning of the Student Entrepreneurial Society, approved at the Senate meeting of the Spiru Haret University by the decision no. 85 / 16.5.2017.

S.E.S. is a mechanism for supporting, developing and encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit of students and graduates of higher education in order to increase the university's competitiveness.


S.E.S activity is addressed to:


·        Students of Spiru Haret University, regardless of the study program they attend and the  form of education, including students coming to study through mobility programs;

·        Graduates of Spiru Haret University, in the first 3 years since graduation.


The main tasks of S.E.S. are:


a)      the elaboration of materials meant to inform and guide students in the development of business plans and/or financing projects, referring to the fact that the ability of the university education system to produce in the medium term the competencies demanded by the socio-economic environment is constantly changing;

b)      organizing mentoring for students who want to establish a start - up;

c)      encouraging mentor-student collaboration in order to consolidate and develop elements of entrepreneurial skills needed for future graduates in higher education;

d)      organizing start-up projects, business ideas, etc., with the purpose of selecting proposals to be submitted to the executive board for review and feedback;

e)      organizing competitions to attract funding for the best projects;

f)        coordinating the activities of all business incubators, simulated enterprises and other entrepreneurial entities within the university.



S.E.S. Activities conducted by USH Pro Business


1.      Start-up support - for which USH Pro Business has been involved since its inception. It has managed to attract network members such as the European Enterprise Network and Business Angels through which start-up representatives have been provided with counseling services for the development and financing of their businesses.

 USH Pro Business organized in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy, Commerce and Business Environment Relations (MECRMA) a series of events dedicated to students in order to develop entrepreneurial skills.

 The three editions of the "My First Business Plan" workshop for the USH Pro Entrepreneurship program were devoted to students in order to develop their entrepreneurial skills and implicitly their development in entrepreneurial careers, October 19, October 27, November 8, 2016.

 The events brought together students and successful business people, to be guided through entrepreneurial career choices and the development of successful business plans. The workshops awarded 9 business ideas developed by students, following the actual work with them on a business plan.

 The Market Study "Entrepreneurial Perceptions and Trends among Spiru Haret University students" - a study carried out on a representative sample of students from university faculties, highlights entrepreneurial inclinations, abilities, perceptions and tendencies, as well as the perspectives of guiding students' training and needs.

2.      Developing the Entrepreneurs Register - a list of existing business partnerships;

3.      Coordination of the activity: Participation of Spiru Haret University at the HEInnovate exercise (as a result of the decision of the Ministry of National Education to take advantage of Romania's opportunity to participate in the HEInnovate exercise initiated by the OECD and the European Commission) - a USH Pro Business coordinated activity evaluating the potential entrepreneurial and innovative university, starting with self-evaluation in relation to the guide developed by the OECD and the European Commission. The role of this online tool is to effectively manage institutional and cultural change.

4.      Establishment of entrepreneurial centers at national level, within the faculties of Spiru Haret University in Brasov, Câmpulung - Muscel.

5.      Coordination of student practice:

-  Toporaş-Maftei Alexandru, second year master of the Faculty of International Economic Relations, Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest;

-     Zavera Andreea Maria, second year student at the Faculty of Business Administration with French Language Teaching, Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest

6.      Launch of the "Pro entrepreneurship and new skills" program for the development of entrepreneurial skills and practical skills of students in the Haretist Students Community (CSH), organized by USH Pro Business, March 2, 2017.

7.      Mentoring activities for students in order to consolidate and develop some elements of entrepreneurial skills needed for future graduates:

-        Participation of the USH Pro Business Center at the International Exhibition of Building Technologies, Equipment, Machinery and Materials - CONSTRUCT EXPO - 23-26 March 2017. The promotion activities were carried out by students of the Faculty of Economics and Students of the Faculty of Architecture, in volunteer scheme under the "Pro entrepreneurship and new skills for students" program. The Faculty of Economic Sciences participated in the event with the students: Bălan Cristian; Rache Cristina; Prioteasa Ginel. The Faculty of Architecture participated at the event with the student: Petrica Ioana

8. Organizing activities to support start-ups in projects with national and international funding:

- Inclusion of Arta Lemnului Start-up, created by Spiru Haret University through a previous program in the project: "Integrated Export Services for SMEs in Romania - Swiss-Romanian Cooperation Program to Reduce Economic Disparities and social welfare within the enlarged European Union "Contract No: 81870 / 07.06.2017, project co-financed by a grant from Switzerland through the Swiss contribution to the enlarged European Union.

- Facilitating the insertion on the labor market of Mr. Pavelescu Ciprian, graduate of the Faculty of Engineering, Informatics and Geography of "Spiru Haret", Geography specialization, who participated in volunteering at the USH Pro Business Center during the academic year 2016- 2017. He was hired by one of the member companies of the Danube Engineering Hub cluster


9. Organizing national events promoting the Student Entrepreneurial Society (SES):


·     "The Role of Mentoring in the Development of the Young Generation and the Economic and Social Sustainability", January 23, 2017, Bucharest

·     "Pro entrepreneurship and new skills" , March 2, 2017, Bucharest

·     International Symposium "Landscapes: Perception, Knowledge, Awareness and Action", May 26-28, 2017, Bucharest

·      Travel & Tourism Hackathon, 20-22 October 2017, Bucharest

·      Experience Lab, November 1, 2017, Bucharest


10.   International Events to Promote the Student Entrepreneurial Society (SES)


·        "USH Pro Business is active internationally in promoting the university-business partnership" / Adelaide, Australia / February 17, 2017

·        "USH Pro Business is an active partner in European integration", Brussels, 21-23 November 2017

·        "USH Pro Business participated in ICT Proposers' day 2017", Budapest / Hungary, 9-10 November 2017

·        "Partnerships for Innovative Business Development Globally"_CONNECT 2017, Maynooth, Dublin / Ireland, 23October 2017

·        "USH Pro Business has an attractive model for growth poles in the Toliara region, Madagascar" _4-5 October 2017

·        "Economic Mission to the Expo Astana 2017 International Exhibition, Astana, Kazakhstan, August 22-25, 2017

·        Travel & Tourism Hackathon, 20-22 October 2017

·        Experience Lab, November 1, 2017

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